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date. 2015 - ongoing

city. Kyiv/Wroclaw

#maydancloud is the ongoing online project, based upon Euromaidan events.

How the history 2.0 can be written today, in the time of revolutions, driven by social networks? How new media can be used to reflect political changes? #maydancloud creates an alternative way of representation of historical events, organized not chronologically but rather as a set of notions that have different values for the reconstruction of the original event.
#maydancloud is formed from tags that were actively used in social networks in posts, related to the revolution, supplemented with some definitions that are also important for the reconstruction of the event. Every tag is accomplished with a short description and variations of tag writing that makes the further search in Internet and social networks easier. Usage of hash-tags, posts-like texts, youtube clips and links to youtube channels reconstructs modern way of perception and work with information that more often now is original media content, generated by direct participants of the events. #maydancloud - history, written in a language of revolution.

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