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Master Thesis


date. 2017

city. Weimar

88 pages

Immersion into a mixture of languages and cultures challenges to review existing means of communication and what is at the very essence of them - the notion of a language. The master thesis uses translation as a method of a language research, taking as a particular instance Ukrainian and German languages. 

The metalanguage of the research is English, whereas the mother tongue of the author is Ukrainian, so therefore the subject of investigation at the same time is also present in the metalanguage of the research. For this reason, the a system of rules is has been developed to regulate the usage of specific terms, critical for work with language and translation. Apart from the introduced framework, the number of theoretical references can also provide a base for this research.

The master thesis is completed and defended as the final research in the international MFA program Art in Public Space and New Artistic Strategies under guidance of  Professor Dr. Jörg Paulus, Anke Hannemann and Dr. Alexander Schwinghammer in July 2017. 

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