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city. Weimar/Wroclaw/Kyiv

85 pages

Erfahrungswörterbuch is an artbook about definition of experience (Erfahrung) and its appearance in German and Ukrainian literature, particularly in works in nature science of Goethe and novels of modern Ukrainian writer Taras Prokhasko.

Die Erfahrung for both authors is a starting point of thinking and investigating of the world around, however if in case of Goethe it is more scientific, rational approach that equalize experience with experiment and mathematical measurement of its results, for Prokhasko it is emotional state, sensitive journey (das Erlebnis) that he considers to be a source of genuine knowledge.  

The research is based on practical part of Master Thesis in the international program Art in Public Space and New Artistic Strategies at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. The topic of the master thesis was language and cultural translation between German and Ukrainian.

The texts of Goethe originate from the book Goethe. Die Schriften zur Naturwissenschaft, the texts of Prokhasko from the collection of his essays Лексикон таємних знань / Lexikon des geheimen Wissens (translation into German – Mariya Pavlenko with help of David Dstroy).

The book in small edition is printed with kind support of Frauenförderfonds of Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. 

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